Be Awesome!

Your Guide to Conscious Living

Be Awesome is designed to guide you to a Life that is Simply Awesome

W  hichever path you have taken to reach this point in life, it is clear that what you want most is simply to Be Awesome.

There is a vibrational reason why many of us resonate with the word “AWEsome.”

Feeling and remembering the awe and wonder of this world is essential to truly embracing this life with joy!

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate


The Be Awesome program is a comprehensive curriculum combining both the foundation and intricate details of Applegate’s Conscious Living Teachings. Be Awesome is filled with insights Sheila discovered on her own path to living a life of conscious joy, passion and awe.

Be Awesome is designed for all seekers… just beginning on the path of conscious remembering, to those who have been searching for quite some time.

Are you ready to…

 Break through your unseen barriers-be awesome

Break through your unseen barriers to receive abundance, peace and the passionate joy you desire?

Navigation - Be Awesome

Navigate ALL your daily decisions… family, romance, friendships, finances, career…through an enlightened understanding designed to remove obstacles and help you create the life you desire?

 Inner Strength-Be Awesome

Establish and strengthen your natural ability to connect with inner guidance and intuition to reach the understanding you desire?

T  he intention and purpose of this 12-step Be Awesome program is to provide a blueprint to release personal roadblocks, ignite the imagination, and embrace an abundant life of joy and passion  available to everyone. Be Awesome will leave you with a deep sense of inner peace, love and harmony, and, an elevated understanding of life’s process and purpose.

Isn’t it time for your life to be awesome?


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A Jump into Awesomeness

Explore this twelve week intensive E-course that offers the opportunity to live in peace and joy.


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Meet the Ambassadors of Consciousness who have been trained and certified by Sheila Applegate to guide you on this journey.


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